Series 1, Bloopers - Part 1
Blood splattered Devon. c:

Blood splattered Devon. c:

stephanidftba sent: totally spamming you :) If you're not against making gifs that aren't from the actual episodes, smiley blood-spattered Devon would be great. 1:31 in the season 1 bloopers part 1 :)

it’s fine xD I need some motivation haha, the requests definitely give me that.

about to post it now, sorry it took so long! xD busyness and the like.

Sorry that I’ve been so awful at posting lately!

I was on holiday, and then I’ve had work and then SitC. :)

Also my laptop is being useless, so I’ve had difficulties with making .GIFs.

I’m working on some requests now to try make up for it. c:

in case you haven’t guessed, I’m currently on holiday, which is why I’m not posting anything :)
I will do next week though, as soon as I’m back! x

Either Mavery or Avax. I do like Mavery better, personally.
Hmm, I like Mavery, too! :D
I’m pretty sure it IS Mavery. Unless it’s Video Star (The gamer and the pop star sort of thing)

Awesome :D I’ll just call it Mavery :’)

Mavery moment ;)

Is there a ship name for Max x Avery?

If not, I think it should be Mavery. c:

darquesse sent: Gif request: Max/Avery scenes? ;D

Make a Max/Avery GIF please! It would make my day!

I’ve had quite a few requests so I’ll start with this one. :D

Sorry for disappearing on you all xD It was my birthday on Wednesday and then I’ve just been busy since. c:

Anonymous sent: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

haha, you must follow me on my main blog xD


I’ve had an amazing day so far. :)

Some more .GIF requests would be great. :D I have one lined up but I’m kind of stuck for what to do after that haha.

In the meantime, I’m about to read Harry Potter for the first time! I’ve bought the first 3 books. :) Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t read them already? xD

(edit: thanks Kristina and the other TWELVE of you who followed me overnight xD best early birthday present ever)